Siamak Nasr

Siamak Nasr is an Iranian Setar player, vocalist, music composer, and instructor residing in Montreal, Canada. He has studied music and singing under the instructions of many prominent music masters .

He began his music studies in 1974 starting with Trumpet and later in 1981 changing his main instrument to Setar under the instructions of maestro Jalal Zolfonon. By 1986 he had attended music theory and harmony classes under the supervision of maestro Fakhredini while studying Persian vocal techniques (avaz) under maestro Sarvestani Razavi.

Siamak Nasr has been active as a performer and instructor of Persian music for over two decades, performing in worldwide venues such as India, Singapore, Indonesia, Europ, Australia, Bahamas,USA and Canada.

Since his arrival to Montreal in 2007, he has participated in a diverse array of music projects and has performed in a number of concerts in collaboration with local musicians. As the founder and director of the Nasr Music institute in Montreal, he intends to preserve, promote, and further Persian music education in Canada. Nasr Music Institute also offers research assistance to students in universities of Canada and North America in the field of Persian music.